Plumbing & Sewer Repair Services in the Buffalo, NY Area

Day & Night Plumbing has licensed plumbers that not only unplug your sewer but clean the whole line from house to main. We only send out experienced sewer cleaners that know how to remove and cut the roots out of your lateral. We clear sewers, conductor lines & bubbler systems. Be sure to visit our video gallery for examples of our superior plumbing services!

Our Jetting team is experienced in drain tile cleaning inside your house, or your yard drainage outside. Grease lines and sludge filled sewers and heavy sediment can all be cleared with hydro jetting.

No matter the situation, rest assured you will have peace of mind with a licensed plumber on every job.

Reliable Maintenance Work

We are always looking for new ways to improve customer service. Keeping this in mind, our team now offers annual reminders to all of our past clients. You aren’t obligated to pay any maintenance fees or set any appointment. We simply aim to help our clients keep their systems running at full steam.


Hydro Jetting

Recently, Day & Night has expanded into new and exciting areas. We continue to offer all the plumbing options that put us on the map, but have grown to provide sewer cleaning and jetting. Thanks to new jetting technology, our crew is able to clean grease traps and sewer lines with high-pressure water blasts. We can also address dirty drain tiles, conductor pipes, and commercial sewers. Believe it or not, our plumbers can now clean 250 feet into the ground, eliminating all clogs and stoppages along the way.

Sewer Repair & Replacement

Here’s a tip. Always seek a second opinion. Sometimes, plumbing contractors might not have the proper experience to handle your specific situation. In other instances, your plumber may try to charge inflated rates for unnecessary work.

We urge you to contact Day & Night Plumbing Co., LLC before you start to dig your sewer line or drain tile. We are licensed and insured and have saved customers thousands of dollars by taking the time to properly clean their sewers. Thanks to decades of experience, our skilled plumbers can investigate your system to determine if a thorough cleaning will do the trick.