Day & Night Plumbing has a policy to ensure all parties are treated fare. Service call will be be charged if any measuring or time for investigation. that fee is $125.00 plus tax. Once deposit is given for job and approved by the customer then the service call will be subtracted from the total amount. We do not provide free estimates. Day & Night Plumbing has a standard price sheet for normal installation and replacements. We do not send out commissioned sales people.

If equipment need to be used for example snake or camera they also have fees. We find out many times that all that needs to be done is a good sewer or drain cleaning.

Day & Night Plumbing sends a licensed Plumber out in a well stocked van on every Job. All of Our Plumbers have experience in the area or issue you are calling about. Many other Plumbers refer us because they know the job will be done correctly and for a great price.

Please understand Day & Night Plumbing is doing their best to serve you but if your looking for the lowest price that will not be us. We do things by the Plumbing Code.