There Really is a Difference!

Hot water tanks are an investment in your property. With any investment, you should be looking at long term return and savings.

As in Hot tanks, putting in a higher quality tank and having professional installation goes along with this investment. Safety is #1! Making sure the deadly carbon monoxide gas is vented properly. Natural gas line is done correctly. The water lines are properly aligned for the hot water tank to function properly.

At Day & Night Plumbing, we understand that the price is important to you, but the extra couple dollars up front will save you a lot of money in the long haul. Hot water tanks may appear to be similar, but are not the same. Why is the price different? BTUs? Efficiency? Performance? How long does the tank last?

Day & Night Plumbing cares about quality of work. We maintain the same standard of integrity in all of our work, for every client. We have licensed plumbers on every job to ensure you get the best products and service across the board!