We’ve already told you about our superior form of service, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Browse the following section to hear from our past clients. We place customer service at the forefront of our priorities, making it easier than ever to restore the plumbing systems of Western New Yorkers.

The company I work for referred me to Day and Night because of great job they did on our building. Had a sewer backup at my own house, very easy to schedule appointment around my schedule. They called today when they were on their way and when Will showed up, very professional and got right to work. Within about an hour I was all set and the bill was very reasonable. Would use them again and refer them to anyone.

Echo Syde


I had a clogged sewer drain. I called them at 11am and they work the schedule to have someone come out asap. Toby worked on my drain till it ran clear. He also made sure all debris were cleaned up. What a relief He was so helpful with information and ideas on how to keep this from happening in the future. Thank you so much!!!

Donna Lojacono


First time in 23 years of owning my house I needed a plumber. Young waterproofing recommended Day and Night Plumbing to me!I am very happy with my outcome – no more water coming thru the cracks in my basement floor.I am grateful to Will for his experience and problem solving skills!! I thought price I was charged was reasonable. I have already recommended them to 2 people!!!

Kim Gerv


Another company was going to charge me $5000, John came out assessed the situation and fixed the problem for hundreds not thousands! He was not trying to “sell” me a service, John came into my home to help me, not sell me unnecessary and costly work. I can’t say THANK YOU enough! I will recommend Day and Night to everyone I know.

Jackie Permschetz


The best plumbing service ever! Thank you Toby and Jon for your wonderful service! It is so nice to know I have a plumber who is professional, courteous and best of all HERE IN A FLASH WHEN YOU NEED HELP! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Julie Wilde


I cannot say enough about this company! I was terrified about the problem I was having with my sewer pipes. Toby came to the rescue like the cavalry, discovered the problem was due to a new installation of sewers in the street. Then his coworker John came along and dealt with the town, and, short story just a little bit longer, I owe NOTHING!!!! AND the problem will be attended to by the town!
Love these guys! They come recommended by the only contractor in the universe in whom I have faith. They are efficient, diligent, timely and so great. I will give a glowing report to anyone who needs plumbing work. I almost wish I had a problem (a much smaller problem) so they could come back and I could pay them.

Polla Milligan


I am a fairly new homeowner of a gorgeous old house built about 1900 on the West Side of Buffalo. Old, original, well preserved woodwork is a bonus in a home like this, but old pipes, not so much. After my tub wouldn’t drain and a manual snaking and investigation by a skilled friend didn’t unclog it, I made the mistake of Googling galvanized pipes and the potential problems and cost of fixing had me terrified. I knew nothing about plumbers and how to choose one but a trusted friend referred me to these guys. I spoke with John at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and by 11:30 I had a plumber here. Enter Toby. Toby immediately calmed my terror with his warm and friendly disposition. He immediately took the time to alleviate my fears by showing me a video of an earlier job in a similar situation. He was knowledgeable about these old houses, and had me unclogged and able to shower in less than an hour for $217 bux for an emergency job. He then gave me many helpful tips on preserving my old pipes until the expense of replacing them was a more manageable expense. Integrity is hugely important to me and these guys have it. Thanks John, Toby and Company for putting a frantic gal’s worries to rest.

Jennifer Ward


We had a backed up sewer line and the first company I called told me they needed to dig because the line from the house to the road was collapsed and that they would jackhammer my basement and move my trap outside, issue would be fixed for a mere $4,800. Called around and was recommended Day & Night plumbing and I feel incredibly lucky. They came out and quickly discovered that the issue was a simple clog that they cleared in no time and saved me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!! Great company that has earned my trust and I would recommend to anyone.

Robert Walker


Job well done, friendly, and highly recommended. Thank you.

Khareen Robertson


Thankful for the visit you made to my house this afternoon. Fixed a leak in the stove while here for something totally different. A life saver!

Susie Guzman


Excellent service! Very fast to respond to my mother’s clogged sewer. Half the price of roto rooter. Friendly guys, I highly recommend them and have been completely satisfied!

Bob O


Thank you so much for fixing my bathroom plumbing!! John was great–did a great job at a very fair price and came when he said he would. When the next thing breaks in my old house–which you know it will–I will certainly call Day & Night Plumbing!

Karen Baker Balduf


Their professionalism is outstanding, the Plumber was prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. Quickly resolved our drainage issues and explained the whole process of what he was doing. I can honestly say, that I can sleep soundly at night knowing that the drainage issues at our house are over. I’ll highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

Tim O’Brien


Love Mike, Wil, and Jon! Really great guys. Nice clean work. Always done right and always looks fabulous. They have snaked sewer drains and drainage conductors, replaced sump pumps with backups, replaced leaking valves. Some of these items have been on very short notice and they have never let me down. They always answer my call.

Mark Komosinski