Tips to Help Avoid Frequent Plumbing Service Calls

1) Proper Disposal of Grease – Please, do not dump grease down your drain. We care about our customers; and while we want to provide them with the best plumbing service possible, we also want to save them from any preventable plumbing issues. The grease will harden on the walls of your sewer lines, eventually causing clogging, back up or full blockage.

2) Bathroom Items Belong in the Trash, Not your Sewer Lines – We already touched on the effect that baby wipes can have on your sewer system, but not all sewer build up originating from the bathroom are from exclusively baby wipes. Q tips, paper towels, and napkins can have similar effects over time. Please make a conscious effort to ensure you, and of course the kids are disposing of these products properly.

3) Know Where you Shut Off Valve is – In the event of an emergency plumbing situation, often times a toilet filling with water and beginning to overflow is how our customers become aware of the issues. Knowing the location of your shut off valve will allow you to promptly shut off water supply to the toilet, and avoid an otherwise nasty mess.