Take a look from the inside

Here at Day & Night Plumbing Co, LLC we take a “Dig a little deeper” approach. No, not literally digging up your yard for sewer repair, but taking a look from the inside out to see what is causing your issues. We can send a camera into the drain system and nail down what exactly is causing issues in your plumbing system. There are a variety of circumstances when a full inspection is beneficial. For instance if your are installing a new tub or sink. If you need to locate the exact layout of your pipes, the camera will do the trick. Or, in the event that you have a plumbing issue present but are not sure of the scope of the project. Large scale jobs are not always diagnosed as such at first. They may appear to be less severe than they are and evolve into more complex issues as the plumber begins the work. The video will allow you to properly diagnose the problem from the get go and take away that element of surprise. While it will not necessarily make the solution any easier, it makes budgeting for the project more manageable. Rest assure that with Day & Night, you will have a licensed plumber on the job to accurately diagnose your plumbing issues, and remedy and situation you find yourself in.