Commercial Service for plumbing is very important to prevent emergency calls and not send the budget off a cliff. Start your maintenance schedule today call 716-824-4408. FREE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSPECTION. Day & Night Plumbing has licensed plumbers that will keep your property up to code and flowing well. sometimes all it takes is cleaning the lines.

Parking lot drainage.

Hydro Jetting your parking lot is very important. these pictures show what damage water cause to black top and concrete. Also when that water freezes it breaks the pipes and separates the drainage lines. This is very expensive to fix and can be prevented. the middle picture show the amount of garbage and sediments that the melt and rain water that goes into your drains. Start your maintenance today!

Vent Risor not attached to trap

When there is a void or the vent pipe gets lifted up by the frost.

This will let mud, stones and sediments into the trap.

Here is a picture of a trap the broke you can see the inlet from

the house and the exit of the pipe. Mud kept falling into the trap

because the risor pipe was no longer attached.

this second pictures is the repair. Two pipes the outside pipe is for the frost to grab unto and the inside pipe is the vent.

Sediment Build up

With the period of heavy rain sediments have been on the move. drain tile transport this into the sump pit. Sometimes it falls to the bottom of the pit and just the pit  needs to be cleaned out. most of the time it never makes it and build up in the line. i have many post to show you what needs


Have your Sewer snaked

Why is it important to clean your sewer line? There are some easy answer and obvious ones but the ones you do not know about. keeping the line in good running order to make sure less build up of soaps and cleaners that can damage the pipe if it sit in one section. keeping line clear if storm water is flowing into the that system. Yes there are still city’s that have the sump pumps into the sanitary line. gutters are also tied in. These are when the huge back ups happen. you cannot flush your toilet 1000 times. Please spend a little on sewer maintenance ever 3 to 5 years Call Day and Night Plumbing to schedule an appointment or get on the annual, bi annual or every three years cleaning. these are just a reminder call no commitment.

Camera Inspections and Sewer Repair

Sewer Camera Inspection takes all the opinions and guess work out of your issue. Day and Night Plumbing will know exactly where the problem and what is wrong. There can be Multiple bad spots and need camera to find out if there is only a repair or more of the sewer is bad. Getting your answer before you dig is very important to know what the estimate range could be and the final cost of a sewer repair or sewer replacement.