Hot water tank codes

Before and after of a Hot Water Tank to bring it up to code and pass the safety inspection,

the first picture has a flexible line on the gas and the water which is not allowed due to the possibility of breaking loose.

Updated Gas valve and installed a drip leg. Any particles in the gas line will fall into the drip leg and not into the Hot Water Tank gas valve,

Installed new water supply to the cold side and prevent the corrosion by having all one type of metal.

These standards have been around since the 1970’s and if your tank is not up to code call us today.

Time to Clean Your Drains!

Drain Cleaning Season is Among Us!

It’s the time we have all been waiting for, drain tile cleaning season! It is very important to keep your lines clear. The bubbler is the grate at the curb, check it please. That is your exit for your system. If you notice that the bubbler is plugged, please call us to clean the lines. Water against your foundation causes a large amount of damage that cannot be detected until it is too late. Day & Night Plumbing can use a camera, and or hydro jetting to inspect and clear your lines. Above are some photos of what we find.

Day & Night Plumbing Co. LLC – Hydro Jetting For Buffalo & All of Western NY

Hydro Jetting – Buffalo, NY

Is your yard wet? bottom of downspouts overflowing? With the heavy rains many systems have become plugged. Hydro jetting should be your first choice, and is the most cost effective solution. It we need to, we can dig them! Unparalleled professionalism, every time! Call Day & Night Plumbing Co. LLC today for your plumbing repairs or service calls!

Sewer Inspection & Sewer Repair for Buffalo NY

It’s not the Headache it Used to be!

Back in the day, to inspect or diagnose a sewer related repair, or replacement, it could require a great deal of labor. With the technology available to us at Day & Night Plumbing Co. LLC, we make it much easier to identify issues taking place throughout your sewer system. We will send a live feed video into your sewer system to be able to easily obtain a real time look at how everything is holding up. Whether your sewer requires hydro jetting, a full sewer replacement, or nothing at all, you can expect an honest assessment from one of our licensed plumbers! Call us today, we have serviced Buffalo and surrounding communities since 1965 and will continue to strive to provide unparalleled plumbing solutions and customer service!

Hydro Jetting for Buffalo NY

Hydro Jetting: The Sensible Solution

Hydro jetting is a great investment not only for commercial properties, but residential properties alike. The high pressure water system will rid you sewer lines of built up debris and allow the highest level of functionality for your sewer system. If you sewer system is passed the point that snaking is not an option, hydro jetting is a great solution. It is even effective for pesky tree roots infiltrating your sewer lines! This innovative service is being taken advantage more and more often by our clients across Buffalo and Western New York. Call us today to get on the schedule!